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Family History

Boa Vista Orchards was first known as Boa Vista Ranch in the early 1900s when Carl Visman, Sr., first generation Boa Vista Visman family farmer, started farming the land. Carl Sr. migrated to California from the Netherlands and officially began working Boa Vista Ranch when the main crop was potatoes. After over 20 years of working and farming Boa Vista Ranch, Carl Visman, Sr. entered Boa Vista potatoes in the Agricultural Competition at the World’s Fair when the event came to San Francisco Bay’s Treasure Island in 1939, ultimately winning a $100 first prize for producing 475 regulation sacks of commercial quality potatoes from one acre!

During the 1920s and 1930s, Carl Visman, Sr. planted experimental varieties of pears, plums and grapes. Throughout these times, lack of sufficient water to irrigate these orchards was a key problem. In addition to water shortage, Carl Sr. had to find a way to save the crops during the freezing temperatures occurring throughout the vital Spring blossom time. Smudge pots were utilized to rescue the crops on those frigid, freezing nights. By 1960, Boa Vista was planted almost entirely with pear trees when pear decline disease came to the Apple Hill area and obliterated entire pear orchards. Almost all pear orchards were removed; planting instead went to apple trees.

Second generation Boa Vista Visman family farmer Carl Visman, Jr. was instrumental in the development and evolution of Boa Vista Orchards by planting early and late season apple varieties; providing a solid foundation for the Visman family by extending the harvest season through diversification. The innovation and hard work by Carl Visman, Jr. has paved the way for future generations!

Third generation Boa Vista Visman family farmer, Brad Visman, has followed in his father’s footsteps and further evolved Boa Vista Orchards into a well diversified year round experience for guests by offering fresh fruit, vegetables, pies, pastries, jams, jellies, preserves, wines, and much more daily! The Visman family continues to be highly involved in farming, and through family dedication, cooperation, diligence, and perseverance, are still very much committed to preserving the land!

Visman Family Today

Five generations and over 100 years strong, the Visman family continues to earn their living from farming. Brad Visman, third generation Boa Vista Visman family farmer, currently manages the daily operations of Boa Vista Orchards. Brad’s sons, fourth generation Boa Vista Visman family farmers, all contribute to ensure the family farm continues to improve for guests.

Brad’s eldest brother Mike Visman owns and operates High Sierra Iris & Wedding Gardens, a most beautiful wedding venue in the picturesque Apple Hill area of California. Brad’s other brother Mark Visman owns and operates Hillside Tree Farm which offers a sprawling hillside of Christmas trees during the holiday season.

Brad’s cousin Jerry Visman who is the grandson of first generation Boa Vista Visman family farmer Carl Visman Sr., farms and operates High Hill Ranch, a popular seasonal destination situated right down Carson Road also in the heart of Apple Hill area of Placerville, California.